Relative CC and Softstep irregular output speed

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Relative CC and Softstep irregular output speed

Postby dhrray » Mon May 13, 2013 1:31 am


I have been through the most of the posts here and yet have seen nothing about relative continuous control (I could have missed it). Am I the only one trying to get relative CC from the Softstep ? (Ableton users, Live 9 does support relative CC mapping!)

So here are my findings : I figured out 2 different ways to achieve relative CC using only 1 PAD, but in each case, I get a weird irregular flow of midi data stream from the softstep, as if the midi output speed of the softstep was irregular after a while. Let me explain :

1- Relative CC via HOSTED Mode - using Signed Bit relative mode
This trick is kinda working but it is ugly programming of the softstep.... but still, it works...
Modline 1/ Source : TOP/ Gain : 2/ Offset : 0/ Table : Lin/ Min : 1/ Max : 3/ Destination : whatever CC you want on whatever channel.
Modline 2/ Source : BOTTOM/ Gain : 2/ Offset : 64/ Table : Lin/ Min : 65/ Max : 67/ Destination : same CC than modline 1

Why is it ugly ? Because when we step on the Top of the Pad both modlines send data : modline 1 sends a "+2" message and modline 2 sends a "-1" message, which will results in an increase of the DAW parameter but a lot of unuseful data is send.
Also I think that if we are in hosted mode, relative CC might not be so relevant because of the fact that the softstep keeps the last parameter of the pad in its memory. A Y increment would do the trick then, but I have not tried it, because I am a STANDALONE mode user !

2 - Relative CC via STANDALONE Mode - Using Signed Bit Relative Mode
In standalone, there is no Top and Bottom source mode. So this turns out to be a geek solution : Bome's Midi Translator is involved, it takes 4 translators to get one pad doing a relative CC. If some of you are interested, I can give you the code as a reply. But since this post is getting quite long, I skip to the third part which is :

3 - Softstep irregular output speed ?
I noticed this since using a relative CC, I had to step several seconds on a pad to get to the value I desired. But in both cases, after a 1-2 seconds press, the CC value seems to get stuck (as if no more data was sent by the softstep) and if I keep pressing it gets back to normal after another 1-2 seconds. It results in a not smooth modification of the CC value. When the CC value gets stuck, if I stop pressing and repress the pad, then it works agian fluently for the next 1-2 seconds.

Did anyone noticed this "bug" ?
Matthieu Lecomte
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Re: Relative CC and Softstep irregular output speed

Postby dhrray » Sun May 19, 2013 1:59 pm

About the irrgular output speed, I have been monitoring the data flow of the softstep via Midi-Ox. It seems that the midi flow irregularly slows down when the same pressure is maintained in Pressure Mode (Live and Latch). Still, it could be Midi-Ox that receives too many data and can't process all of them.

Anyways, thanks to Bome midi translator, I found a way to overcome this problem and made a single pad be a nice and smooth relative CC.

If asked, I will give the code to those who are interested in it!
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Re: Relative CC and Softstep irregular output speed

Postby mocker » Tue May 13, 2014 4:10 am

Hi Mat, been in touch with you in private, but I'm posting here too, in case someone's interested.
It seems your smooth solution doesn't work anymore with the new firmware. I thought first it as only related to the new Editor - not giving the ability anymore to specify extreme gain and offset values - but even since that possibility came back, my Bome Translator code still doesn't work. Once you press the pad, the cc flow gets stuck and I can't kill the timer.

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