"this key value' behaves different in hosted and standalone

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"this key value' behaves different in hosted and standalone

Postby basvlk » Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:21 pm

Hi Softsteppers. I still believe the Softstep has great potential, but man it's not easy to get it to do what I want.

I like the instant feedback of the hosted mode but the fact it eats up so many resources makes it, in my opinion, only useful for calibrating, editing and troubleshooting.
So it's standalone mode for me, and I don't even want the drivers to be active when I perform live (I know its a bit paranoid) so I will have the softstep to be standalone, and outputting through the expander only, connected toa physcical Midi IN port. I wish I could edit and make my patches in the hosted mode because it is so much easier to monitor the result, but as you can't transfer the patched you have to do the standalone editor, save, download etc and hope it works the way you want.

I'm preparing for a gig this Sunday and I"m finding out a strange difference between hosted and standalone using "THIS KEY VALUE" as source and "NOTE LIVE" as destination.

***In HOSTED mode
Every time you press the key, it sends out the right note (key value +maths), velocity 127, and when you let go of the key it sends the same note, velocity 0 . And it does so every time you press the key. This is what I want.

When you press the key, it sends out the right note, velocity 127 and that's it. When you let go of the key, or when you press it again nothing happens

Softstep - am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug?

I love the "this key value"/"note live" combination because it saves so much time programming (I'm emulating a launchpad and using 'this key' I can just copy paste the key presets, instead of having to set 8x8 notes in presets manually - but it looks like I"ll have to go back to 'Foot On' and put in the manual labour, such a shame!

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