SoftStep application using 1GB of memory

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Re: SoftStep application using 1GB of memory

Postby NoFi » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:53 pm

It's essential to update to last firmware and editor version...
In Windows7, Load up time seems to have improved (50 secs here), Ram usage is now approx. 643660k, and overall stability is better.
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Re: SoftStep application using 1GB of memory

Postby NoFi » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:17 am

From the FAQ on the KMi site (it worked for me, the trick is to save the settings)
Can I turn off the EL lights?

Yes, you can. Open the Settings window by clicking the "open settings" button (located toward the top-right of the SoftStep Editor's main window) and turn off the "EL ON/OFF" switch. If you're running in Hosted mode, your SoftStep's lights should instantly turn off. In order for the EL to stay off even when unplugging and plugging back in, go into Standalone mode's Settings window to change the EL setting, save your settings, and then download this to the board by clicking the "download" button in the main window. This should download your new settings to your SoftStep and the lights should stay off.
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Re: SoftStep application using 1GB of memory

Postby andr74 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:11 pm

DaveDraper wrote:"It's a brave try, & the small size/weight still does it for me, but I sure would like to disable them neons permanently. Even if it means prising the thing apart & snipping a wire or two. Can anyone post the sysex message that'll do it?


Same here
Its so f***ing sad to see no reaction at all from KMI folks on this.
I mean, wouldn't it be sort of nice to help your customers who buyed your freaking product out to maybe find a solution for a pretty substantial problem (the highpitched noise caused by those lights (which is not only EMIT BY THE UNIT ITSELF but also 'sneaks' into any other signal 'in reach') gives me a headache and is quite frankly a design-fault in this form.
Those happen, but the bad thing is that it seems KMI doesn't give a f*
As you can tell im a bit pissed off by this situation. The fact i've resent the same support mail 5 times now in these recent weeks and received no reply at all doesn't help either.
I'm really not quite sure why KMI think its a good idea to NOT hire a software dev. to write a proper editor for this thing in the first place. One that doesn't take 5 times the amount of RAM that my DAW is using. And something that hmm actually works. Thats saving costs in one of the worst possible areas. No, its not a 'detail' with this type of product. And It really would not be rocket science or cost massive $.
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Re: SoftStep application using 1GB of memory

Postby dvsmusic » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:48 pm

while we're on the topic of updates and such...
... has anybody tried the softstep with OS 10.8? I just assumed that it was compatible. I'm about to embark on a 3 week tour with it at the center of my performance and it isn't registering inside of ableton or the softstep editors. super ouch.

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