Upgrading to SoftStep 2 software info

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Upgrading to SoftStep 2 software info

Postby TheSupport@KMI » Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:27 pm

It seems the same few questions popping up regarding updating to SoftStep 2, so here's a little thread that may answer them:

Will installing the SoftStep 2 software overwrite the SoftStep 1 software? Will I lose my old presets?

No, and no.

Installing SoftStep 2 will not overwrite the old editor. The act of “installing” is really just copying a folder onto your hard drive. The SoftStep 1.21 and SoftStep 2 folders are named differently and do not affect one another — they exist separately and both can still be used. You’ll have to change firmwares when switching back and forth, but it will still work (note that SoftStep 2 hardware won’t work with the old 1.21 editor).

Can I import my old presets from version 1.21?

Yes. The Advanced Editor allows for importing presets from the previous editor, 1.21. Basic Editor does not provide this functionality. To import old presets to the new editor, do the following:

1. Open up the Advanced Editor.
2. If you want to import Hosted mode presets, skip this step. If you would like to import Standalone mode presets, switch over to Standalone mode by clicking the Hosted/Standalone switch. It will say either "Hosted" or "Standalone" depending on which mode you're currently in.
3. Go up to the File menu in the menu bar and select “Import Hosted/Standalone Presets from V1.21”.
4. When the file browser appears, navigate to and select the old SoftStep editor’s “Presets” folder (not the contents of the folder, just the Presets folder itself), then click Choose/OK — the presets will be inserted at the end of the current preset list.

Importing will only import the presets from the editor mode you are currently in (Hosted vs. Standalone). It does not import the presets from both modes at the same time.

Does reloading or updating firmware reset my onboard presets?

Yes. A firmware update or reinstall will reset the SoftStep’s onboard presets to factory settings. If you have any custom presets you will need to import them from the old editor and resend them.

Will my SoftStep 1 work with the SoftStep 2.0 editors?

Yes, SoftStep 1 hardware will work just fine with the SoftStep 2.0 editors. It is similar to Native Instruments' Maschine, where they have two versions of hardware (MK1 vs. MK2) and two versions of the software. In the SoftStep 2 Advanced Editor there are some options exclusive to SoftStep 2 hardware, but the editor will detect what version is connected and adjust accordingly.

I see there is a new update. Should I update right now? The day before my show?


When there’s a new update available it can be very tempting to get it and update as soon as you possibly can. While there’s nothing wrong with this urge, if you happen to have a show coming up anytime soon (or today), it is generally advisable to hold off on updating until after your show has passed — or at least keep the old versions so you can go back if the need arises.

While we test everything to the best of our ability, there’s no telling what bugs may be introduced to your setup — the preset you’re using may have changed in a subtle way that you don’t notice; there could be a nasty bug that didn’t get noticed because it only appears in very special circumstances; the new firmware may not like one of your other devices; or it may respond to MIDI in a slightly different, perhaps undesirable, way. Even fixing a bug with an update can cause problems if you’ve already grown accustomed to the “buggy” behavior and developed the muscle memory around it.

Always, always give yourself time to test things out before changing your performance setup. Always. You will be much less stressed if you know what to expect from your gear and software. This is an extremely useful suggestion for pretty much anything performance-related, not just the SoftStep.
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