Problem with Ableton Midi mapping and the Softstep

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Problem with Ableton Midi mapping and the Softstep

Postby maurader » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:24 pm

I am running Ableton 9.1.5 (on a Mac) with a Softstep (1) using the latest software.
I am trying to incorporate the Live Looping Template 2.0 in my existing set.
The Live Looping Template 2.0 works fine with the provided Ableton set.
The mappings are already set in the provided Ableton set.

Here is the problem I am having:

I load up my existing set. I add a audio track and add the looper effect to it.
The Softstep is set to the Live Looping Template 2.0 preset.
I try to map the (6 button) to the Big Looper button.
The Live Looping Template 2.0 has the 6 button set as a MIDI note.
Ableton sees the map as a CC value and not a MIDI Note value.

I suspect that it is seeing both the MIDI note and the CC value because there is pressure and/or yaw when I step on the button. But somehow it is just mapping the CC value.

I recall in Ableton 8, I was able to go to (cmd)/Z or Undo Midi Assign and it would step back thru the different Midi information until I got to the midi note value.

In Ableton 9, when I do the Undo Midi Assign, it just seems to toggle between 2 different CC numbers. It doesn't seem to go back to the Midi Note number.

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Re: Problem with Ableton Midi mapping and the Softstep

Postby TheOtherSupport@KMI » Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:27 am

My guess is that you are listening to multiple ports, and you are getting both the MIDI data from the Editor via the SoftstepShare port, and the raw sensor data from SSCOM 1.
In your Ableton preferences, be sure to turn OFF track, remote, and sync for SSCOM 1 if you plan on using the Softstep in Hosted Mode.
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Re: Problem with Ableton Midi mapping and the Softstep

Postby Msogowidi » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:01 pm

Do not know where to find this information from you.
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Re: Problem with Ableton Midi mapping and the Softstep

Postby gargas » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:38 am

I think I had a similar issue. Ableton listens for all the sended midi commands and only maps one of them. If you have more than one modline in the softstep editor per key, and each modline is sending a different midi command, than mapping Ableton could be tricky.

You could try the following workaround (it worked for me):

1 - Go to the softstep editor and turn off all modlines, except the one with the midi note you want to map
2 - go to Ableton, and in midi learn mode, press the sofstep button. It should map correctly
3 - go back to the sofstep editor again and turn on the modlines.

hope it works ;)

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