How do I prevent stuck notes when using "foot off"?

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How do I prevent stuck notes when using "foot off"?

Postby Nick M » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:54 pm

I was wondering how I prevent stuck notes with individual note events that are triggered by "foot off" in a pad.

- What I'm actually trying to do is have two bass note drones triggered by one pad. Ie note 1 is triggered by the "foot on" stage and is then replaced by note 2 being triggered by the "foot off" stage . Other pairs of notes in the overall sequence would be ready and waiting in the next pads all successively lined up along the row to make a whole sequence of bass notes. The first two notes always sound fine but the problem comes when I press the second pad in order to trigger the third note in the sequence as simply disengaging the first pads usage by pressing a new pad doesn't send a note off to the second note (the one triggered by the "foot off") so I'm always left with a stuck note hanging (this would apply to every other note in the overall sequence). The "foot on" notes are fine for stopping when they should, as they simply cease when I take my foot off in order to trigger the second note, but as soon as I go to another pad to trigger the first note of the next pair I'm left with a stuck note just hanging on there forever.
So how can I get a note off command (or whatever's needed to shut off the sounding note) to be sent out, when I actually leave the pad to hit the next one?
I suppose another way to acheive the same result might be to try using side to side or up and down motion for notes, but I thought this way would be more precise and accurate so I'd really appreciate any suggestions as to how it could be done.


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