Using sofstep with keyboard

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Otis Scarecroe
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Using sofstep with keyboard

Postby Otis Scarecroe » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:39 pm

Anybody using the Softstep with keyboard for sustain, soft pedal, sustenuto etc..?

If so what keyboard are you using and how reliable/functional is the combo?

Thanks, O
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Re: Using sofstep with keyboard

Postby Ammo » Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:18 pm

Hi - I am using SS with Roland AX-Synth. I wanted to have the SS trigger CC#64 Sustain but can't figure it out - should be easier than this! I am about to give up on it, fortunately I have a sustain pedal jack and pedal (would the SS work if I unplugged the sustain pedal? Have to try everything).
The TOGL scene as supplied is not useful, since it triggers CC#20-29 (range is undefined in MIDI spec); the AX-Synth doesn't use. Probably useful for Ableton or Garageband. I did succeed in changing pad 1 to CC#71, Resonance. Used these settings:
ON, Once, 0, FootOn, 0 0 1 0 0 Toggle127, 0 127 0 0 CC 71 1, Softstep Expander, 0.
There is a second line that's identical except Mode is None instead of Once.
I made the Green LED None and the Red LED True for the "ON" state (Line 1) and both lights "None" on line 2. This brings out the awesome Resonance in the synth - but I will try using pressure live or pressure latch instead.

My frustration is in selecting the proper Mode and figuring out how to download the changed settings to the SoftStep - often the SoftStep overwrites the changes I have made on the screen, This is a clumsy interface! I continue to read the f'in manual.

Hey Keith, I want to make music, not twist my brain into knots. Friendlier is better!
On the other hand, the Program Change is working (except it's Zero-based, and my first patch is "1").
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Re: Using sofstep with keyboard

Postby TheSupport@KMI » Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:13 pm

If you want to change the CCs the Toggle scene sends, all you have to do is change the "vel/cc" number to whatever CC you want it to output on each key's modline.
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