It Sort of Bugs Me When....

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It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby soundog » Tue May 29, 2012 9:21 am

... some innovative companies like KM put out a cool product like the SoftStep, but then they divert their limited resources to a new product, all but ignoring the older ones. We loyal SoftStep end users have provided KM with a nice list of suggestions for product improvements and additions on this forum. And we end users have done a pretty good job of supporting other end users on this forum. We also leave positive comments and recommendations on other forums.

How about returning the favor with a little attention and maintenance on the SoftStep? Yeah, mine is working just fine, thank you, and the last software update went a long way. But we aren't done yet, are we?
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Re: It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby dirk » Wed May 30, 2012 5:50 am

Yep I agree, it's sad to see no updates in over a year. I was thinking this just the other day as I fired up the editor software for my new Sonuus i2m. The software opens instantly and it's ready to work right away, certainly can't say that for the SS editor.
I still love my SS and have no plans on getting rid of it, it does what nothing else does. I've learned to work around it's little odd quirks.
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Re: It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby soundog » Wed May 30, 2012 7:34 am

Sonuus (who makes the i2M you mention) is a good example of a company that doesn't just push a product out there and then forget about it. I also bought their i2M audio-to-MIDI device, and they have regularly updated the software for it and added features (like the harmonies, signal compression, etc). Plus, the staff (especially the owner/inventor) is active on their forums. Its all very energized and proactive. These updates were still going on even while they were creating a new pedal to introduce at the last NAMM show.

I can make a pot of coffee waiting for the SoftStyle editor to fire up, and even then I have to be really careful I am saving the right presets in the right place. You have to make good guesses about the changes you want, then upload them, then test. If you need to make changes you have to repeat the whole process. With the i2M editor, the software automatically updates the hardware via USB as you make software changes, so you get real-time feedback. Then when you unplug it, all your settings are automatically stored in the i2M. No time for coffee!
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Re: It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby Otis Scarecroe » Thu May 31, 2012 10:23 am

+1 on that.
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Re: It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby pmgo » Thu May 31, 2012 4:40 pm

an update would be nice. I find that after almost a year of use, i get more and more out of my SS everyday. I have figured out ways to get the sounds I want, and have even created sounds I dont think i could of without the SS. we may be a little neglected for the Queno, but the SS is still a badass piece of gear.
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Re: It Sort of Bugs Me When....

Postby jobot » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:15 pm

Ive had my softsstep for a couple months but have only recently had time to start using it. First off midiox/yoke never worked for my, loopmidi worked instantly. I like the editor, how its setup, the layout, functions, but it would be nice if it would open and close in under 5 minutes. It would be nice to get some sort of acknowledgement from kmi that the softstep hasnt been abandoned, i know its a small company but i really dont think its asking alot, for some sort of stability and reliability from the software. The softstep is the BEST pedal ive ever used, nothing comes anywhere near what it does, it is truely a massive innovation and those involved in making it deserve much praise,respect, because the softstep is fXxking awsome. Please please please dont give up on the software

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