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Problem with Midi Control a Digital Mixer - LED

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:51 am
by Stefan
Hi all

Bought me a Softstep (Version 1) to send midi commands to my QSC Touchmix 8 (Digitalmixer) in a live setting (Guitar/Voc).
I can set 8 Midi-commands in the Mixer. (for example 1. mute all, 2. Mute FX delay, 3. Record,…)

I had no problems to set a command with the „Learn midi“ funktion and pressing a Key on the footswitch.

But I have the problem now, that i need control about what is on and off.

So if i press Softstep Key 1 → Mute FX Delay → LED from Key 1 is green.
And if I press Key 1 again → LED turns of but nothing happens in the Mixer.
Only if i press Key 1 a second time LED turns green, Mute FX Delay is off.

In short, i need:
Press1 → LED on → Effekt on,
Press2 → LED off → Effekt off

I tried different things ive read in the forum here (toggle mode with Values 126/127, new modelines,…). With no succsses.

Hope you understand my problem and sorry about my english.
Im grateful for every help!