Best Midi Pickup/Synth Access Device with Stringport?

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Best Midi Pickup/Synth Access Device with Stringport?

Postby DC23 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:42 pm

Hello everyone,

I am very new here so I apologize if I am asking a very rudimentary question. I was wondering if Stringport users/ KMI could recommend which type of Midi Pickup/synth access device works best with the string port, i.e. is the most accurate and tracks quickest???

The choices are:

Shadow midi pickup system
Graphtech Ghost (Godin guitars)
RMC bridge (Godin guitars)

I do not have any of these, and have never had any of these, but since I'm taking the plunge into midi guitar stuff, I might as well get what is most highly regarded by KMI and current users.

Also, KMI, any news on a new Stringport release, or is the Stringport MIDI out still available? I heard that you can only buy the full-suite for $995 now, so if I have to do that, I would rather wait if there is a new Stringport on the horizon (maybe when Lion is fully supported ;) ).
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Re: Best Midi Pickup/Synth Access Device with Stringport?

Postby Macciza » Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:11 pm

Depending on what else you want to do - any of them will work . .
GK3 is a magnetic pickup - it will sound slightly different to the piezos on guitar out stuff. . .
Builtin - the piezos possibly give a better acoustic sound then magnetics . . .
I have both GK3 and RMC piezo setups on my guitars
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