Wish list: LED's for EACH PAD!!

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Wish list: LED's for EACH PAD!!

Postby JT3_jon » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:32 pm

Ok, I'm in my first hour with softstep and there seems to be one glaring problem I'm already finding. I don't remember which key's do what!

For example. I have open the "logic transport control" and I'm trying to use it, but keep forgetting which key is stop and which is record, etc! I know this will come with time, but there are other units out there (like the novation Zero) that have LED's above each knob and fader, there to remind you what each key's purpose is and its GREAT for people like me who run complex midi CC control for each instrument. I can imagine myself on stage and loading a preset for my midi guitar samples, play button 5 which I think is my wah and it turns out to be volume and I blow the PA! haha! If only it had a little LED above each key reminding me its function this could all be avoided without me having to memorize numerous "scenes" and prey to God I dont forget! I plan on taking full advantage of the numerous scene layouts, which makes remembering even more diffult, because now I dont only have to remember 10 buttons, but potentially over a hundred!

I know adding these will change the form factor, but IMO functionality is greater than form. Functionality and form do go hand in hand, but I feel the unit can be a bit bigger (maybe even as much as 35% bigger!) and still be portable, and the idea of not having to remember complex scene arrangements is worth the trade off.

Just my opinion, but I feel its a valid one. Maybe the next gen can address this issue?

edit: to keep the same form factor, all you need is to make the LED's INSIDE the pads!!) I dont think anyone will miss the numbers when they have the ability to name each pad whatever they want! If this increases the price per unit, make this the "pro" version of the softstep. I would GLADLY pay more for this feature!

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