Flexible Alphanumeric Display Support

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Flexible Alphanumeric Display Support

Postby soundog » Sun May 15, 2011 11:31 am

This is, perhaps, corner case, but seems like a simple feature to add:

I play seated, and use my right foot to operate the SoftStep. When I do this, the alphanumeric display view is blocked by my right leg and knee. To counter this, I rotate the controller 180 deg so I can see the display. The numbering of pads is not a problem for me, as I go by location rather than the numbers. And if needed, I could always put on some stickers, I suppose. And stepping on the cables isn't an issue because I am seated and accurate. Works for me.

Currently, the software only supports capital letters and numbers on the 14-segment alphanumeric display. How about supporting lower case? Then I could use 4 letters that would result in legible text when viewed upside down (see fliptext.org, for an example of how this would work). Even better, include a software function that would rotate the text for upside down viewing; then I could just type in my text normally and flip it!


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