RAW mode ? (wishlist)

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RAW mode ? (wishlist)

Postby kasper_toeplitz » Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:55 am


even if I did program a standalone program for (some of) my needs (using the 1.099b software), I still think it is a pity that some of the RAW elements of the pedal, and it's potential, are not possible to get:

_you already answered that in the future the LEDS and the Alpha-text will be accesible..... ok

_I already asked for a mode which would let me use the navPad


_since each of the "pedals" actually have 4 sensors it could be good (great !!) to have access to some RAW mode when one could use just those, un-filtred in any manner, values... Just the way it is now if you do NOT program any standalone presets (the way the person who did the max objects on this list uses this data......)

now it's either I program something in standalone, AND loose the possibility to use the 4 separate sensors, the NavPad (and have my expr peadl working in reverse), OR I have only the raw data (and put a piece of gaffa tape on that blinking SOFT .... STEP .... SOFT .... STEP .... SOFT .... STEP .... SOFT .... STEP ....

many thanks for thinking about it!!!


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Re: RAW mode ? (wishlist)

Postby DaveDraper » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:57 am

I've been messing with RAW mode (mostly unsuccessfully!) too, in order to try & access the four sensors in each pad.
What I'm looking for is a way to send a single value incrementally or decrementally, like Nav Y setting in hosted mode, from each of the numbered pads. This could be a program change or CC, & very useful for mobius users, eg, as a NextLoop/PreviousLoop function on a single button. Since the Navpad is virtually an eleventh pad with the sensors separated out, this ought to be relatively straightforward to implement?
It would be nice to be able to have four individual notes on a pad too, but I'm not sure how usable that would turn out.
Also....any chance of the Navpad user-programmability being available in standalone?

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