Just fix all known bugs :)

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Just fix all known bugs :)

Postby gargas » Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:46 am

Yes, that's all I want.

I can truly understand that KMI doesn't feel the need, for the moment, of developing new software for the softstep, or to introduce new features. I can live well with that. When I bought the softstep I knew what it could do, and I knew those limitations. So that was an informed buy, and I'm happy with it.

But by going through the forum, (and even I have previously posted some issues I found), you do realize that the current version of the software has bugs that in one way or another do limit the full use of the softstep.

Now that, for me, should be addressed as soon as possible. Not as a new version of the software, but as a bug fix version (let´s say v2.1). We are buying an expensive piece of hardware, and we all deserve it to work flawless.
Bugs can happen, but more than just being reported to the development team, they shoud really turn into solutions / fixes... expecially when this piece of hardware (softstep) is part of your current selling products (not a discontinued one)

So yes, just my new years whish... a refreshed version of the software with the known bugs fixed!

please :)

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