What's new on S.S 1.2

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What's new on S.S 1.2

Postby ruizcomposer » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:35 am

Please, can u just publish a pdf document with the new features in 1.2 release of Soft Step software???? I deeply dislike reading the whole manual searching for changes!!!
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Re: What's new on S.S 1.2

Postby lolobomac » Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:33 am

Read the "version notes" document in the softstep folder!..
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Re: What's new on S.S 1.2

Postby TheSupport@KMI » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:53 pm


Yes, lolobomac is correct — in the SoftStep folder we include a version_notes.txt file that lists new features, bug fixes, and known issues. To save everybody a few mouse clicks, I'll list them here:


-simpler scene saving: no longer necessary to save individual key presets
-"save hosted to standalone" and "save standalone to hosted" feature now allows you to save presets into other modes
-"scene change on/off" feature in settings window allows you to turn off the NavPad's hard coded function of changing scenes. Instead you would get the raw pressure data for each of the 4 points
-new Top and Bottom sources
-Y inc set and X inc set are now available as parameter destinations in hosted mode so that you can set the initial state of the increments if used as a source on another modline.
-added init as a source in standalone mode so that you can send out initial values upon entering a scene.
-added min and max to the modlines in the NavPad
-updated port and device recognition
-more robust USB behavior. Hot plug support.
-added automatic firmware updater
-main window user interface updates
-In Standalone mode the NavPad modlines can now be activated by switching between modline mode and program change mode. Using program change mode the NavPad would be hard coded to increment through decades.
-added Y acceleration setting in settings window for the NavPad Y Inc-Dec source
-added ability to send Program Change messages to SoftStep to change scenes
-added 2 new sources to hosted mode: top and bottom
-added key counters for key pads which work with 3 new tables: counter inc, counter dec, and counter set


-reminder field in modlines now saves
-factory scene updates
-about screen now displays correct version
-SoftStep application in Hosted mode no longer confuses other devices MIDI data as raw sensor data from the SoftStep


-occasionally after hitting download the scenes don't all make it down to the SoftStep. This can be remedied by pressing the download button again.

Hope that helps,

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