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MIDI In / Out or Thru

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:55 pm
by Macciza
Similar to my post on the SP wishlist.
I wish for a wider range of midi in/out/thru options . . .

I believe these apps need to be able to thru-put the same full range of parameters as they output.
Or a simple merge/thru system, with optional filtering, re-assignment etc

My problems arise in cascading the SS through the SP to a Synth module. Whilst I can send the data I require from the apps individually; I can only receive Note, CC and PC to MIDI A-H. This means I can't seem to send PB,AT etc from the SS through the SP, nor vica versa.

Although I have not tried yet I don't think sysex messages would pass thru either and I can see some situations where I may need to do so - in a different setup off course, FC300>SS>VG99 - so sysex thru would be good to look at as well.