version 1.2 ? (what is missing in 1.1)

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version 1.2 ? (what is missing in 1.1)

Postby kasper_toeplitz » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:04 pm


I just had the time to download and install the new version 1.1. I thought it would have been a great change, but have the feeling it is not, actually....

_It says (on the "firmware_install.txt") it will install the right firmware- it does not. ok no big deal.
_there is still no way to set the leds OnOff from the app (I do the switching of FX either by foot OR by hand/trackpad, or even another controller, such as the NanoKorg) : which for me means NOT to use the leds
_of course (I knew about this one before) no access to the alphanumeric display
_still no way to use more than 4 modlines by switch (49 in total as I read)
_no raw data mode - this would be great for many uses - think that with 4 sensors outputting 0-127 you could mesure pressure on a 0-508 scale !!
_and of course the Nav Pad is useless (except for changing the presets - east-west hard coded !)
_beside, should I want to use the hosted mode (live on stage) it takes a REALLY long time to start. Don't know why

**** all in all I came back to firmware VJ1, which lets me use all the sensors in Raw mode, and then process the info in MaxMSP directly. With the hoplessly flashing SOFT... STEP ... yes!!

I really hope the next version will be the one!! - the pedal (hardware) is great but I feel (and see on this forum) that the software is, well, too-much and not-enough at the same time.
Wish you all the best


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