Eleven Rack by Digidesign

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Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby Alex21 » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:05 pm

I would love it if someone would make some tutorial videos or anything on patch changes, parameter controls, etc., on the Eleven Rack.
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Re: Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby Tom@KMI » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:44 pm

Hi Alex-

Glad that you asked. We had a SoftStep controlling the Eleven Rack at our NAMM booth this year, and it worked beautifully. Here's a bit about the mapping for that setup...

Patch changes for the Eleven Rack are simple enough if you can navigate banks and programs.
For our demonstration, we set SoftStep to change Eleven Rack presets when we press different keys
We use the 'pressure latch' source, then we set the 'min' and 'max' values to the program # that we wish to call up (they will be the same #). This effectively locks the output of the modline to a particular value. Set the "parameter destination" to "Program" and you're ready to send that locked value as a program change message.

The Eleven Rack has it's parameters hard coded to different CCs.
You can find these in the back of the user manual:
http://akmedia.digidesign.com/support/d ... _66715.pdf

For our FX control scene, we have the top row of our SoftStep (keys 6-0) turn devices of the Eleven Rack rig on and off, and the bottom row (1-5) affects parameters of those devices.

example: key 6 is set to "Dist" on/off (CC 25) and key 1 controls the tone of the "Dist" device (CC 78). also, key 6 behaves like a toggle switch (by using the 'foot on' source into the 'toggle 127' table), while key 1 behaves like a y-axis fader (by using the 'y-inc' source).

the "mod" and "delay" devices are mapped and set up similarly...
key 7 toggles Mod on/off (CC 50), key 2 affects mod parameter depth (CC 53) like a y-axis fader.
key 8 toggles Delay on/off (CC 28), key 3 affects wet/dry mix (CC 64) again like a y-axis fader, but i changed the max value to 70 (didn't want to get too wet!).

i kept the reverb simple, using key 9 to toggle it on/off (CC 36).

key 4 i mapped to "tap", so i could control the rates of the delay and mod devices (CC 64).
the only mildly counterintuitive part here is that you got to use the 'foot on' source into the "toggle 127" table again (otherwise you get 2 taps per step).
also, make sure you set the mod or delay device's rate parameter to work with divisions of the tap beat.

this part's pretty cool: keys 0 and 5 control wah.
key 0 toggles wah on/off (CC 43) and key 5 acts like the wah pedal ('pressure live' source mapped to CC 4).
you can use the 'gain' value in the modline to change sensitivity, or try experimenting with different tables to change the feel of the pedal's travel.

You will need our MIDI Expander to get MIDI information from the SoftStep to the Eleven Rack.
Set the device/route for all the modlines to "SoftStep Expander" to send MIDI data out of the expander's MIDI Out port.

so yeah, there's some info to get you started. We will try to get a video of this together for you, too. Great suggestion, Alex!

til next time-
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Re: Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby Tom@KMI » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:02 pm

hello again, Alex-

we got that Eleven Rack video for you, check it out:


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Re: Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby Freddy G » Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:46 am

Is there a simpler way to just change Eleven Rack patches while staying in the mode where softstep buttons control paramaters such as distortion or delay etc. on-off ? Here is what I'm doing. Let's say I have a song in which I need to be in patch A1 on ER for the verse (Browntown) and also have access to dist. on-off. Then for the prechorus I want to switch to patch D2 (Exhale) where I have control of delay on-off and then for the chorus to patch E4 (Volcanic) where I can control Mod on-off.

The way I'm doing that now is kind of complicated. So lets say I'm in my first patch on ER (A1 Browntown) and I'm in the Eleven Rack scene on the SoftStep. In order to get to where I want to be next I have to press the east corner of the nav pad 3 times to get to the PRGM scene, then press the top button on the nav pad (+ decade) and then press 3 to get to PG13 (which now changes the patch to D2 Exhale). The I have to press the east button of the nav pad 4 times to get back to the 11RK scene.
Then I have to repeat the whole process to get to the next patch (E4 Volcanic)
That's a lot of dancin'!
Is there a better way to do this?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby Macciza » Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:52 pm

What are you using the other pads for? Are you using all of them?

One solution I have used is to have some of the top row change patches whilst the bottom row controls effects.

So in your case - 6 selects A1 & 1 selects distortion on/off
7 selects D2 & 2 selects delay
8 selects E4 and 3 selects Mod

Then add what els you need - Volume control, mute button, wah etc

Hope that helps
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Re: Eleven Rack by Digidesign

Postby therealmf » Sat May 17, 2014 4:28 am

I would like to pick that up...I am also using the 11R and what I would like to do is:
- change presets (sounds) with the lower row of pads (1-5), so I would need program change for these
- toggle overdrive / modulation / delay / wah / Tuner on and off with the upper row
I have experimented with the basic editor and was able to program that for the first bank (program changes 1-5), but couldn't find a way to set it for the other banks (PC 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 a.s.o.) as well. In fact, I don't get how I can access settings for the upper banks at all.
And the Advanced Editor looks waay to complex for me...;)
Thanks in advance for any kind of help!

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