Top+Bottom Counter Inc+Dec

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Top+Bottom Counter Inc+Dec

Postby fV3 » Sun May 18, 2014 11:40 pm

I've grown fond of using 2 modlines for top and bottom on one button and assigning counter increments and decrements to them respectively and then mapping to a chain selector in Live to switch my effect presets.

One can use a similar arrangement to vary Live device params which are all mapped to the full range 0-127 of the MIDI scale while having a much smaller number of gradations. For instance there's I think 16 levels of grid spacing on the beat repeater. With two more modlines using the previous as inputs and gain coefficients tweaked appropriately, one can advance the dial by exactly one param value per top/bottom to cover the full range of MIDI values in a smaller set of single steps.

The other 2 modlines in the attached example are for momentary LED feedback - I know I hit top when it's green and bottom when it's red.

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