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Ableton Script - monitoring looper devices

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:02 am
by systemexklusiv
Hi everyone!

I wrote an ableton Live script, which I believe is for version 9 and upwards.

The script checks the names of looper devices dynamically in the current liveset and when a looper with a name (default) 'ssl1' - 'ssl10' is found, the respective pad's LED will monitor loooper states. Thus max. 10 loopers can be monitored max. For instance: If one drops a looper on a track and hits 'ctrl + r' to rename the device and enters 'ssl3' the third pad of the Softstep will monitor the states of this looper. If one wants to control the states then the usual midi mapping functionality of live should be used. I had some problems to control the looper with scripting to a satisfactory degree, so I decided to just monitor the states and everyone who wants to change the states can map the softstep pad to the looper multi purpose button herself.

Here is an overview& Instructions & Download

hope it works for you