Portamento Settings

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Portamento Settings

Postby Ammo » Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:02 am

This works pretty well going from Softstep to Roland AX-Synth.
Still not sure how to save it to the Softstep so it still works without being connected to the computer (I assume this is called Standalone mode).
I may have to recreate these settings so it's good to get a screenshot before trying to save it.
Note the minimum setting of 55 on modline 2 (to CC#5) - anything lower has no effect on the portamento time. Not sure the optimal values for p.-time
Also not sure if 'Foot On/Toggle 127' is suitable for the CC#5 range for Port. Time on Modline 1, and 'Pressure Live/1 Lin' for the Port. Switch (Modline 1, CC#65) should be Toggle 127, I am confused, but if it works I want to know why, and if not, why not. Hate working in the dark.
Portamento Modline.png

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