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Re: Scroller demo for Javascript/Max For Live.

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:40 pm
by Otis Scarecroe

Off topic but from this thread:

Dead USB connector at seven months of use(guessing from your forum join date), or have you had it longer?

Serial # ?

I'm not trolling, I bought a Softstep at the onset but am leaving it in the drawer for a while yet.

They replaced my first one gratis, ( actually drove it to my door personally...>PROPS to KMI ) due to a lighting issue.

I AM curious as to whether the USB port is going to be a future issue.Do you gig with yours? Plug and unplug a LOT? Even if it means leaving the cable plugged in semi-permanently to avoid wear and tear, I would, to keep things working/reliable as long as possible.

Information is always useful.


Re: Scroller demo for Javascript/Max For Live.

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:35 am
by TomSwirly

I have NOT gigged with it. It has taken probably an average number of plugs in and out, though, as I move things around all the time, plus I've sometimes locked up my MIDI when experimenting.

I got one of the very first softsteps, it took me a while to migrate from the mailing list to this board. Mine has a handwritten serial number. I believe my unit was a little funky from the start - that connector's always been a little wobbly, I just didn't care till it stopped working. And KMM knows that the very earliest units were a little funky and has said they'll fix or replace mine (I think it's out of warrantee...)

My theory for you is that if your USB port isn't wobbly now, then you won't have any issues BUT I'd be a little careful anyway.