QuNeo Rotaries

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QuNeo Rotaries

Postby JanKliemann » Tue May 14, 2019 4:52 pm

I have a problem with the Rotaries on the QuNeo.
I can use them like normal faders for values from 1-127 if set to normal mode.
But when I set them as relative for Endless Encoder it gets a bit tricky.
I can manage, that for example, via Quick-Controls, I can control Faders inside the Mix-Console of Cubase.
But some VSTi (like VIPro) do not really work with Quick Controls. So I cannot send CC-Messages via Endless Encoder, unless I only want a 1 or 127.
I tried a workaround using PureData. I thought about writing a script, which modifies the output of the QuNeo.
The problem is, that I am pretty unexperienced there and only managed to do simple conversions like Velocity to CC and stuff.
But writing a script for an Endless Encoder seems rather complicated.
Does anyone have an idea where to start there?

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