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Quneo Loop station/sampler/remixer

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:42 pm
by Rooh
First of all; thanks Keith for an ingenious controller! Completely surpasses everything I've tried before in its flexibility and amount of control for its size. I love it!

I've spent the last years trying to build something like a portable version of what Beardyman is doing with his "Beardytron 5000"; a loop station with a wide variety of effects, routing options, sampling options and so on, but in a format i can bring in my backpack, and that doesn't require any external power. I've gone through a LOT of software and hardware, and finally landed on a Quneo, controlling Bidule, running on a Macbook.

Here are some videos of what I've got so far!

Some features:

    -It's basically a 6 track loop station with two effect chains, one for the input and one for the looper output. The looper tracks can each be mixed, panned and muted separately, and sent separately through the effects chain.

    -Each fx-chain has 4 processors, that can be set on the fly to one of 32 available effects to create exactly the desired sound. These combinations of 4 effects can be saved as "presets" to quickly be accessed during the performance.

    - I have a Muxer Instant sampler to catch samples on the fly, that is also going through the effects. The X and Y axis of the pads can be mapped to any of the 32 effects to manipulate the sound when playing. The samples can be cleared separately (if you used the plugin you understand why i mention this), and i have a very important sustain-button!

    - I can Sidechain the tracks between each other! In other words, i can select one or more tracks to sidechain to a compressor on other tracks.

    - I can rout the looper back into itself and at the same time manipulate the output effects, to re-sample the new sound to the same track, or mix down many tracks into one.

Its a bit hard to explain in text, and a lot of the features are not used in any video yet.. But more will come! Feel free to ask questions if you're curious about anything specific!

All the best


Re: Quneo Loop station/sampler/remixer

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:32 am
by Schmidi
Awesome work man! Great use of the Quneo and the looping sounds good too!

Re: Quneo Loop station/sampler/remixer

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:28 pm
by urbster1
This is really cool! Do you have any plans on releasing it? Also would it be possible to run on Windows?

Re: Quneo Loop station/sampler/remixer

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:54 pm
by Rooh
urbster1 wrote:This is really cool! Do you have any plans on releasing it? Also would it be possible to run on Windows?

Well, i would like to share it in some way, but i don't really know how. The preset for Quneo isn't anything special. Most of the work is done in Plogue Bidule, so i could share that preset, but then you'd have to replace all missing plugins (which i guess would be a lot) and i would have to clear up the patch a bit. The most useful plan i think is to release some tutorials explaining with the key methods I'm using, but I'm waiting for some more people to show interest before i start working on something like that!

Here's my latest video! ... mdC7o2s3nD