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Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:32 pm
by Washa
Yay! Good news indeed, will definitely check it out when it comes. Feels good to have something to bite into.

I've been thinking about looking into the Max Devkit also, wondering if it's possible to port it to Pure Data somehow. As far as I've experienced, the Windows version of Pure Data isn't handling midi too well from the QuNeo. It works for a short moment, then messages starts to fall behind and get mixed up between pads. The OSC bridge helped as an alternative way around midi though it has been a while since I touched the bridge. Would be interesting to see a raw output from the QuNeo directly into PD.

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:48 pm
by demcanulty
I'll have to wait and let Conner answer the questions about Qt and such, there were some noises about possibly releasing some of the other ones as well, maybe not simultaneously, I'm not sure. He's in the middle of working on something else at the moment, but hopefully will have some information up soon.

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:15 pm
by jrussell
demcanulty wrote:Good news! We just got the go ahead to put up the editor source! Our lead programmer says he'll hopefully have it up sometime Monday.

This is indeed good news! Beyond just having an editor available on Linux (I know, just having the source dosnt guarantee it, but I am confident we the linux community will make it happen quickly!) but even more so as it should earn some good will from the community. KickStarter investors I think had a legit gripe about a product that marketed to investors with "open source" and no source available, and while demcanulty's contributions and my work to document it gave us tools, this will give the QuNeo a true piece of OSS to go with the marketing.

@demcanulty: Please encourage your company/team to host the source on GitHub - as long as you use a true open source license, there wont be any cost. Your team should move to the GitHub being your official source repo, so that the community can effectively contribute through forking and pull requests.

BitBucket is a viable alternative to GitHub (I use it for my projects) but if you want OSS visibility, GitHub is a little more there. The main difference is GitHub is only free for OSS, BitBucket allows private projects of 5 devs or less for free as well. I dont know the size of your dev team, BitBucket could possibly be interesting for you from the point of view of how it could work for your non-public or not-yet-public code.

Also, though it sounds like it would remove the need for my tool, I dont see it that way, and will be continuing my tool. Hopefully there will be opportunity to share code between the projects where it makes sense. While I am continuing with my tool, I will also be trying to build the KMI tool so that there is definitely a version of it available for Linux users. KMI and demcanulty responded to my input, so I feel obligated to respond in kind with a working build :)

Why not drop my tool in favor of the KMI sourced tool? 2 reasons - I think I can (eventually) offer additional tools, and I am not a QT fan, so have been using this project as a testing ground for some other tools, which may be very interesting indeed.

Looking forward to seeing what the comunity does with the KMI editor, for sure!

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:43 pm
by jrussell
@elmquist the json files are in the windows version of the editor, just grab the manual install and extract it.
The sysex files are in the sex_files link earlier in the thread.

If you are looking for demcanulty's javascript sysex compiler.. well, he can get that available for you, but as I said before, between the docs and the c++ header files on the qnTools site, I would say that you should have anything you need there.

very detailed docs of the sysex ... x%20Format

I'll doc the json as soon as I figure out a sane way to do so. since a single preset consists of 1333 properties..
- sure these are broken down into smaller repeating groups, but its a lot of properties.. look at the sysex docs.

If you are looking to make a json-sysex converter, really just take a json and walk through the sysex docs on qnTools.

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:59 pm
by jrussell
demcanulty wrote:Had to do a little digging to remember:

Pads.padBankChangeMode changes whether or not a slew of note-offs are sent following a pad bank change. Some controllers do a blanket of offs while other controllers let them hang, this allows you to switch between these two behaviors.

I remember seeing a discussion about this - but I cant find anywhere in the KMI editor to change this value? And as such, I cant reverse engineer what the valid values are (and which one means which mode..)

Any help here?


Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:05 pm
by jrussell
elmquist wrote:
jrussell wrote:... and I am not a QT fan

Yeah, I am aware of QT Quick, and even played with it specifically for this project - IMHO declarative UI is the RIGHT way to do UI, regardless of the fact that the tools are trailing..

That said, I still am not a fan of the QT way, and QTQuick will still force my underlying code to be QT, and I am not sure that I believe that QT Quick has a long future - its the right idea, but I think it may have missed the mark, only because there is a better .. not in quality/design, but in uptake.. answer.

My QuNeo editor is a POC of just such a better answer. Hopefully I will have it to a point to share soon. It is definitely a POC for the technologies in use, at least in the way they are being used.. In short, web technologies for a desktop app. (yes, also aware of QtWebKit.. closer but .. ) There are things about the tools (html5, css, javascript, etc) that are not my preferred implementation, but in the end they have momentum, and dont require re-inventing a wheel.

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:04 pm
by jscott
demcanulty wrote:I'm not quite ready to get into an argument about 'if this or that isn't opened, you can't say open source'. Open source comes in a lot of flavors ... the scripts for Ableton have been opened ... the open source Max Dev Kit... focusing on the right problems every hour of the work day is crucial to staying afloat and moving forward

Yeah I'm not looking for arguments but to find out what is going on and what the plans are since I was waiting around for this to happen so I can fix various things, implement the polyphonic AT messages that are necessary for the Z pressure to work properly, pull the pressure signals back off from the velocity a touch, and other tweaks.

The thing about opening it is that that actually solves the problem you are describing where the company doesn't have time to finish things. It means that others can help with this work and go off in new directions, and the result is more sales for you guys.

On the compiler thing, whatever microcontroller it uses, an assembler isn't likely to be particularly difficult, and tapping into the back end of gcc isn't out of the question either. Buying a $1k dev kit isn't out of the question either from whoever the chip makerĀ is. What microcontroller is it using? I'll look into what can be done.

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:51 pm
by jrussell
elmquist wrote:Some of the thread views for this topic could be me checking this thread on a fairly regular basis. 8-)

Well, I dont think that elmquist and I can account for 469 views in 8 days!

This thread has pulled ahead of all other threads by both views, and replies now! :lol:

Top 3 (by views and by replies)
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Most interesting fact: this thread's 1 week replies DELTA of 23 is bigger than all but 5 other threads TOTAL count.. and those that have have been inactive for 1-6 months!

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:57 pm
by jrussell
elmquist wrote:Well I was not asking for the firmware files - which I am already aware of and really wants to be part of the public QuNeo releases - but for sysex files corresponding to the json files so that I can test my sysex generation once its implemented. Hence the request being sent in demcanulty's direction.

quick way would be use qn_updater to generate the sysex from your json, and then you have something to compare :)

Re: Firmware upgrade with Linux?

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:50 pm
by demcanulty
Sorry for the slow responses from me, I'm away from work at the moment visiting family. I know there's an update in the works from some behind the scenes stuff that jrussel and Conner (our head programmer) have been hashing out. If there's something direct I can help with, pm me and I'll try to post whatever would be useful to others to the forum as well. But otherwise, as soon as I have time, I hope to review the most recent posts and put together a more complete answer to anything I can.