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QuNeo editor and template install location Ableton Live 10 / Win7 help needed.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:03 am
by anarchosax
The subject says it all. New to Ableton Live 10 and Win 7. I have only used Linux until recently. I just received my QuNeo today and don't know what the recommended location is when installing the QuNeo editor and templates for Ableton. The default directory appears to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Ableton\Live 9 for the templates, but a C:\QuNeo_SoftwareTemplates-1.2.4 is also created. The editor is installed to C:\QuNeo-1.2.4, which without knowing much about Win 7, looks wrong as most program installs appear to be in C:\Program Files (x86).