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Logic X Quneo L.E.D Feedback HELP

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:10 pm
by Synthfreak
Someone please help with this, i've watched a video on how to do this with ableton and tried to apply it to logic but it is really two different worlds and I can't figure it out. i also use fxpansion geist which is what i bought the quneo for to begin with but I'm sure this will have to be done thru logic while using geist as a plugin . All i want is LED feedback like you would get from a typical drum machine.

Can anyone help us logic users?

Re: Logic X Quneo L.E.D Feedback HELP

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:57 pm
by CyX SenZe
I have an idea. I'll experiment with this today and see what I can come up with. It's definitely going to take some Environment window work to make this happen for any project. You'll be able to import the layer. I'll post back tonight.

Re: Logic X Quneo L.E.D Feedback HELP

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:04 pm
by CyX SenZe
Just to be clear, what feedback do you want lighting up? The notes/pads you are playing being played back as you progress creating the drum track for instance? Do you have a video reference I can look at to create this?

I'll do something simple then post it shortly. Something like the kick will light up Pad 1 every time it hits on playback. I'll use LPX Drum Kit Designer as reference for the 16 pads as it uses GM Control Codes.

Re: Logic X Quneo L.E.D Feedback HELP

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:22 pm
by CyX SenZe
Ok I achieved this through using Mapped Instrument in the Environment window. I mapped 32 keys worth on 3 banks 8/16 (main)/8 ... That was the whole set to Drumkit Designer. Page 38+ of the Quneo Full Manual it give you the details of which MIDI codes to use for the lights. I referenced this and set my kicks and snares to output red on the desired pad. Everything else is green. I have the high hat as a red-green top-left dot.

Say the Kick is C1 but the pad is Pad 1.. set the output note to C-2 (green) or C#-2 (red) in the Mapped Instrument of the Environment window. I created a new layer just for this. There you set the Port to QUNEO. I set it on Channel 1 since that will base the [BASE] channel. You can change the base to channel 2 or 3 for the different light associations.

After you configure Mapped Instrument then, find the drum track or whatever you're working with in the Environment window. Have the layer you created and open a new environment. when you find the drum track drag the cable from that track to the Mapped Instrument in the other environment window.

Now you can record your drums and when you play them back they will feedback on the leds you associated them with.

Very simple procedure. I'll make a youtube tutorial about how I did this very soon. I just wanted to accomplish this for once and share.

P.S. Another way is to use preset midi regions with LED effects you can make here:

In the environment instead of Mapped Instrument use Touch Tracks. Drag the region onto the key you want to trigger it with. Connect the cable as above and voila! :)

Re: Logic X Quneo L.E.D Feedback HELP

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:30 pm
by CyX SenZe
I built this into my personal template. I'll separate or recreate it and share it so it can be added to the other projects. I also set up VU meters using Blue Cat DP Peak Meter Pro. So I have all faders on the Quneo where they can receive a send from any track and pop off a VU reading.