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Enter Debug/Tethered Mode (sensors -> CC) reliably with MaxMSP or SuperCollider

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:24 pm
by 3rdtry

I found out how to get in to the tethered mode reliably!

The mode makes the QuNexus put out all sensors as CC messages.

For supercollider:

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MIDIOut.newByName("QuNexus","QuNexus").sysex(Int8Array[16rF0,16r00,16r01,16r5F,16r7A,16r19,16r00,16r01,16r00,16r02,16r40,16r01,16r77,16r4D,16r00,16r10,16r10,16rF7]); // TO TEEETHERED MODE
MIDIOut.newByName("QuNexus","QuNexus").sysex(Int8Array[16rF0,16r00,16r01,16r5F,16r7A,16r19,16r00,16r01,16r00,16r02,16r40,16r00,16r67,16r6C,16r00,16r10,16r10,16rF7]); // OUT OF TEETHERED MODE

For Max:
The dirty trick to make it work, is to tell the QuNexus to enter tethered mode twice! This was not possible with the original Max patch I found.

I attached a modified version:
- select QuNexus in the midi list
- hit the button of the desired mode TWICE
- (you should see the lights go off or on and the note or the cc messages in the console)

edit: for the max version: maybe the sysex shouldn't start with 0, but with the 240. Would make sense, have no max to try right now.