huge problems with key sensitivity (velocity)

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huge problems with key sensitivity (velocity)

Postby groovenet » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:09 pm

I just received a replacement unit because my first qunexus had a defective bend button. (it was almost impossible to bend down, reaching the full range down wasn't possible at all.)
While the first unit had some minor differences in key sensitivity (velocity is mainly important to me), this could have been adjusted with the editor.

My new unit is different. Two pads are very unresponsive and two others are very responsive to velocity.

If I set the sensitivity for the unresponsive keys to the max, I get only up to 60-70 by hitting pretty hard on the keys. By contrast, if I set the very responsive keys to the minimum, I still hit 127 pretty easily.

All the other keys should be adjustable more or less.

I test this by using an empty midi track in ableton live and activating only velocity (velo B).
If I use my korg microkey37 instead, the responsiveness of all the keys are very much the same.

Like this, the qunexus isn't usable as a reliable input device. If I only wanted a quick n' dirty input device for on the road, I could have gone for a korg nanokey or something similar. I bought the qunexus, because I want to use it as a compact production device as well as on stage to compose/finger drum live, but that's just not possible like this.

I'm really disappointed so far. I think I'll have to send it back once more, but I fear, the dealer won't exchange it so easily. I also have serious doubts, that I'll ever receive a perfectly working unit, as others seem to struggle with the same problem. (although not many in this forum.)

My operating system: Win7 64bit, Ableton live 9.1.1

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