Bop Pad - Hi hat does not stay closed

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Bop Pad - Hi hat does not stay closed

Postby imbroh » Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:39 pm

Hi everibody.

I'm setting a small drum set based on Kontakt Studio Drummer which I use in Live.
I have 2 hardware controllers: BopPad and Kat KTMp1.
THe KTMp1 has 2 inputs, one for the kick drum and the other for the hi hat pedal. I want to control the snare and the hi hat by the BopPad, 'cause is more playable than the other controller.
I have one quadrant to which I assigned the note 46 (hi hat open) and when I press the hi hat pedal, the hi hat closes, as it should. The problem is the if the pedal remains pressed, the second time I hit the quadrant I have again the sound of the hi hat opened (and this doesn't happen if I use only the KTMP1).
I've allready proved different settings on the BopPad and on the midi channel in Live, but I can't solve the problem. Maybe there is something that I'm missing ...
Any suggestion?

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