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Audulus 3 Patches for BopPad

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 7:16 am
by Future Aztec
These patches have been tailored specifically for the BopPad, taking the layout into account while introducing some very nice voicing.

1. Oscimillator Patch for KM BopPad Drum Interface


2. 2 Voice x 4 Wavefolded Patch for KM BopPad Drum Interface


Of course, because these are made in Audulus 3, you need to own the software, which is available for iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. The great thing is these patches can also be used as starting points for your own designs. You could, for example, switch out the oscillator voices or add effects. Also, they have been tested and made to work efficiently on the iPad. More to come.