160 Note On's and Note Off's from SoftStep in firmware

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Larry Seyer
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160 Note On's and Note Off's from SoftStep in firmware

Postby Larry Seyer » Thu May 21, 2015 6:02 pm

I would like to make a suggestion to the firmware engineers at KMI for the SoftStep.

My suggestion is this:

You could add this functionality (and more) into the firmware of the SoftStep which would give end users the ability to not only control 80 functions but 160!!!

How is that possible?

As you can see from my post in the MAX DSP section ( viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2701 ), I have configured the SoftStep to control 80 'bangs' in the Cycling 74's MAX environment.

This was done using the following logic:

Each SoftStep button has an 'X' and a 'Y' CC message.

By timing how long each message is pressed, the SoftStep can generate eight (8) messages for each button (including 'LONG PRESS' as options).

This is done using the logic that the middle position is considered 'off' (i.e. MIDI value 64) and CC value 128 is considered one direction and 0 is considered another.

How it could be programmed to do 160 is simple:

Just configure each trigger so that the first 'bang' (or trigger) turns a NOTE ON and the subsequent 'bang' (or trigger) turns that same NOTE OFF.

By doing this, the 10 button SoftStep can send out 160 'messages' in the form of note on and note off.

This could be able to be done in the SoftStep's firmware without having to do custom code in Cycling 74's MAX.

That's my suggestion.

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Re: 160 Note On's and Note Off's from SoftStep in firmware

Postby NoFi » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:13 am

+1 on the addition of the softstep capacity to recognise the timing of the pressure and differencing short press / long press to double the number of controlled targets.

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