trouble (bug?) with expression

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trouble (bug?) with expression

Postby kasper_toeplitz » Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:48 am


there is something "not normal" with the expr input to the softstep:

_of course we all know it is upside-down - if not practical this is not difficult to solve


_ I always had the feeling the expr pedals were feeling "not right" with it. So today i made a test, using a few (4) pedals, some being roland EV5 other being no-names. Of course as often none of them gives the full 0-127 range. easy to correct/calibrate. But I tried the every same pedal(s) through the soft step and other pedalboards (Boss FC50 and a custom-made MESI pedal)


the SAME pedal has a range of 0-123 through Boss and MESI, when through the softStep its range is 123-13 - that's a big difference !!!

why is it so? could you fix it?


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Re: trouble (bug?) with expression

Postby kasper_toeplitz » Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:04 am

Hi again

i noticed that the KMI staff is not very willing to answer on this problem (apart from this post I send the question/bug report (TWICE !!) to the support with no answer at all)

anyhow, since this is bugging me (!! yes)

_ I always, always use a foot/expression pedal when playing. It is part of my instrument. so having an expr input in the soft step seemed like a good idea. However , as said it is NOT working well. I am not even talking about the fact that is reports the values upside/down, but about the fact that it does NOT sense the values send:

__just bought a new expr pedal (M-audio)
__on other boxes (boss FC50, eowave Foot control) the pedal sends the full 0-127 range (as seen in Max)
__hooked to the softstep, on the softstep editor it sends a 4-105 range - that is 100 steps +/-
__receiving it in max directly (without the softstep editor) it sends a 21-122 range - that is again 100 + steps

it is NOT because of the pedal. Why does the softstep pedal "skip" those +/-25 steps? (it is 1/5th of the whole range, that's A LOT)

can you fix it?

can you answer?

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Re: trouble (bug?) with expression not full range

Postby SLP » Wed May 08, 2013 9:21 am

reviving old post.
Any solutions?

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