QuNexus and Korg Ms-10 0-8V CV Range

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QuNexus and Korg Ms-10 0-8V CV Range

Postby alfonso.santimone » Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:28 am

Hi all,
i've connected my QuNexus to my Korg Ms-10 VCO CV input ( range 0-8 V).
I've set the QuNexus to send CV in Hz/V mode and inverted gate mode ( 0 V on, 5 V off ).

but i've only 3 octaves of range.
how can i "multiply" the 0 - 5 V output of QuNexus to the 0 - 8 V Korg range?
Plus i have octaves out of tune ( they sound more like major 7th ).

And i hear an hi pitch frq that follow the rhythm of the blinking of octaves arrows on QuNexus (!!!).

many thanks


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