Rotary Better Modes, and few others suggz

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Rotary Better Modes, and few others suggz

Postby fx23 » Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:48 pm

Hi! first congrats for this amazing piece of soft/hardware, love it :)
maybe however software could be improved for even more pleasure^^!

i mainly think rotaries behaviour could be nicely enhanced. Here are little ideas i could successfully patch and test with sensomusic usine and osc, but a build in feature would be sooo nice..^^:

A) Absolute knob with fixed limit to avoid jumps back (only one turn)
actually it's kind of frustrating the knob can quicky jump from 127 to 0.
the way i see it would go from 0 to 127 and keep on 127 while turning clockward, and would allow go back to 0 only if counter clockward, and/or was relased and absolute position repressed.
ideally the leds would display the knob ring.

B) Virtual encoder 0-127 with same 'void jumps' technique'.
based on previous idea, imagine the actual encoders sending +1 -1 pulses to a virtual knob 0-127. i mean there would be only.
one CC 0-127, with also leds ring display.


C) Custom CC msg on release.
would be cool if we could send a specific cc msg and value on faders pressure relased.
(as an exemple i actually use same cc for location, and pressure so that on release it auto goes back to 0, but would be cool if it could goes ie to 127 as well)

D) Range fader absolutes min/max.
Long slider 2 CCs (min/max) instead/added to current width mode.
ie to directly map a LP and HP, to make a BP. would be awesome if we could set a width via dragging plots selection, then move both cc with only one finger via zone selection of the two plots or zone range between 2 plots selection, with a threshold for selection.

so here were my first impressions after testing it intensivelly, hope could make sense..
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Re: Rotary Better Modes, and few others suggz

Postby TheOtherSupport@KMI » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:30 am

All good suggestions, some more easily implemented than others. I'll add these feature requests for consideration for any future updates.
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Re: Rotary Better Modes, and few others suggz

Postby fx23 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:11 pm

so cool :) thanks!!

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