Softstep presets lost ...

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Softstep presets lost ...

Postby veloopity » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:44 am

my Softstep editors don't remember the Softstep's presets. They used to remember them but no more. I think I got a new computer, or had to reinstall the software at one point, I don't remember, but I didn't expect that that would be a problem. With all respect, that is completely unacceptable. My old Softstep still has its presets, lots of them, designed years ago, and I don't even remember how to use the editor. I bought a new Softstep and need to transfer the presets to my new Softstep now but as the editor apparently neither has the old presets stored in files and also can't load presets from the pedal (what ?????), it seems I have to write everything from scratch again. Excuse me when I say that, it is normally not the way I express myself, but I'm really really pissed off and ripped off, I think such a lack of such a truly basic functionality is unbelievable. Why all the amazing hi-tech features if such a basic thing doesn't work? It also turns me off from using my new Softstep, I don't want to learn how to program it again and I think I will sell it and eventually get another pedal.
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Re: Softstep presets lost ...

Postby TheOtherSupport@KMI » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:11 am

Sorry to hear that you've lost your old presets.

There are some file issues with the most recent Editor on 10.12. This is solved on most systems by moving the Editor directly into the Applications folder.

If you didn't back up your presets, or don't have the Editor that you used to make the presets, you'll have to recreate them. The Editor does not know what presets are on the device, it just knows what presets you've created/edited in the Editor.

We have accounted for transitioning from the old editor to the new one. You can import your presets from version 1.21 to the new 2.0 Editors.

I'm not sure why the aversion to understanding the Editor, but learning how your instruments work, and how to operate them is part of the process of being a musician. If you have any specific questions about programming/setup, I'd be happy to help.

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