My StringPort Wishlist (and a brief rant).

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My StringPort Wishlist (and a brief rant).

Postby iDrone » Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:29 pm

I just found out about StringPort last night. I have never been satisfied with hexaphonic pitch to MIDI converters and have always found the latency issues to be too dramatic to perform the type of music that I play.

Being a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, violin, cello, etc) I am very interested in both the StringPort for violin and guitar. I believe it is the creative tool I have been searching out for years. What I do not understand is the separation of the system. As a college student, coming up with $1000 is difficult...coming up with $2000 is damn near impossible.

The hardware interface looks essentially identical on both the violin and guitar StringPorts, so I'm guessing it comes down to optimized software for either violin or guitar. I am quite frustrated that I am not able to buy a single StringPort hardware interface and that the software is not cross compatible.

While it seems as if StringPort has been laid by the wayside in favor of the SoftStep product line, I am wondering if in the future the software could just be integrated and one single hardware interface coupled with the cross compatible software (for both Violin and Guitar) would be made available?

If there are differences in the hardware interfaces, than I can understand the separation of the packages...however the price makes buying both (and also one or the other unfortunately) out of my league.

I feel like if the StringPort was set at a lower price point McMillen instruments would have the opportunity to widen their customer base, and with a much more accessible price point bring an extremely good product to musicians that are in dire need of a functional MIDI alternative.

So my wishlist is as follows:
1) Cross compatible software and a single hardware interface.
2) Lower price point to widen customer base and make it more accessible to blossoming musicians such as myself.

Seriously, if I could use a single hardware interface with cross compatible software at a price of a current single system, I would find $1000 instantly.

Sorry for the rant, this is just the first system that I am actually motivated to buy.

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