Asymmetrical PitchBend?

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Asymmetrical PitchBend?

Postby Macciza » Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:11 pm

My wish is for different PitchBend settings for Up / Down bending.
I am using the StringPort MIDI Out conversion to drive a Yamaha VL70m Virtual Modelling Synth. In it's patch parameters I can set different PitchBend (PB) amounts four up and down, which with a keyboard would may to +/- control on a Pitch Wheel. I would like to control this with the SS & SP setup.

My current 'design feature' is that when my sound has +2 and -12 for PB and SP is only allowing me +/- 2 than pulloffs can end up as as pitchbend messages ie -2 T, which is basically just -127 PB giving me -12 T, follow?

Would it be possible to have different up / down pitch bend ranges in SP?
I would then like to be able to control these different PB directions from SS and pass the data out Expd thru SP to the VL but have some issues in this chain to sort first.

Hope that all makes sense?
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