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SoftStep version 1.1 for Mac and Windows

a posting board for news and links to new SoftStep software releases
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SoftStep version 1.1 for Mac and Windows

Postby SarahKMI » Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:03 pm

Hey there SoftSteppers!

The much awaited release of SoftStep Version 1.1 for both Mac and Windows is up! Right along with it is our newest firmware VK1. Use VK or VK1 firmware with this version.

The following new features and updates are included in this version:
Standalone mode - Download scenes to your SoftStep and use without the SoftStep application open, or even without a computer!
Six factory installed scenes including Program Changes, Notes, Toggle, Pressure, Eleven Rack and Line6 POD
Save All feature that saves all the keys on the same slot then saves the scene
Save button blinks in main window if there are unsaved changes for key presets
Revert button reverts presets to last saved state
GarageBand and HUI parameter destinations in hosted mode
Adjustable Expression Pedal smoothing
Manually selectable main input and output ports
LED "SoftStep Connected" indicator
Minimalist sensor view

Thanks everyone for your incredible patience! Have fun with the new software! I'll be working on getting you all some tutorial videos for it! Feel free to contact me with questions at support@keithmcmillen.com

Here's the link:


-Sarah Howe
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Re: SoftStep version 1.1 for Mac and Windows

Postby mocker » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:41 pm

Hi KMI people, we're almost four months since the release of 1.1. When is 1.2 finally coming ?
The KeyWorx software is unusable in real life without the promised integrated scene inside the Softstep app (without mentioning the awaited bug fixes and the return of 'copy to standalone' etc.).
Thanks for giving us an idea of a release date.

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