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SSCOM MIDI inputs dont work in Max 2nd time plugged in

Posted: Wed May 30, 2012 12:59 pm
by arvidtp

The SSCOM 1 and SSCOM 2 MIDI inputs to MaxMSP from the SoftStep stop working in Max if i unplug and replug the softstep's USB conenction. I can still get MIDI data in from the SoftStep using "all devices by channel" using, for instance, the ctlin object (this is dangerous though with other hardware MIDI controllers in the Mix), but no MIDI comes in if i select the SSCOM inputs (which have now reappeared at the bottom of the list).

In order to get MIDI input from the softstep again, i must restart Max (which is a pain if you have 6 patches open and set up and are supposed to be performing!)

Output to the named SSCOM MIDI outputs from Max to the SoftStep always works, regardless of how many times i plug or unplug the softstep USB.

Just wanted to know if everyone else has this same problem, or if i should try to troubleshoot my setup and see if i can fix it. Max normally picks up new USB MIDI devices fine no matter how many times i plug/unplug them when running Max - as long as i choose the device from the menu again.