leds from ableton clips

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Re: leds from ableton clips

Postby hunterhh » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:23 pm

awesome, thanks so much for putting together a max patch - it works perfectly for what I asked.

the setup I have is a little more complex than what I said. There are a few other elements

- track 1 is an audio track, not a midi track (I'm running guitar through it with an amp emulator). I notice that key 1 gets kind of confused, doesnt illuminate with mute/unmute properly - I wonder if it is because it is expecting a midi track but getting an audio track instead?

- the Enter button is mapped to activate/deactivate a beat repeat device on a different audio track which I currently have as track 8 (vocals)

- key 8 is mapped to a series of beat repeat devices on all of the tracks, 1-13, toggling them all on and off at the same moment (i have loops on tracks 9-13 that are activated by keys that I don't need to keep illuminated)

I looked at your max patch and don't know where to begin with adding these functions, since it seems pretty specifically geared towards exactly what I was looking for - muting/unmuting midi tracks. Is there a way to make a patch that would toggle the LED lights on and off regardless of whether the keys were mapped to a mute/unmute or an activate/deactivate instrument and so on? So that in addition to however I was mapping it, each button would just toggle its own LED on/off, without needing to write in what it actually affects in ableton?

I should mention that another issue has come up that is pretty strange - the patch did in fact work perfectly at first, but it appears to now longer work at all. I've tried re-downloading it and inserting it into a midi track in exactly the same way as the first, no result. The only thing that I could imagine having an effect is that I looked at it in the max editor, and I have an earlier version of max than you - maybe some backwards compatability issue? But as I said I even redownloaded the original file. Hopefully this latter issue is something obvious that I'll figure out on my own, but currently quite uncanny
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Re: leds from ableton clips

Postby TheOtherSupport@KMI » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:58 pm

The type of track shouldn't have anything to do with it, there must be something else going on. I've made an adjustment to make sure the lights don't ever get confused. Polling the values at regular intervals.

I tried it again and it worked fine, it must be something else in your Live set/preset that's getting in the way of it working.

In any event I made this, which requires you to manually map the keys, but it should get you where you need to be. Each toggle represents a key/LED on the 12step. Map all the keys on the 12 steps to the corresponding toggle, then map it to whatever element you want in your Live set. Make sure that the state of the toggle in the device matches the state of the parameter. i.e. if you map key 1 to a track mute, make sure the track is on if the LED is on.
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Re: leds from ableton clips

Postby heartmood » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:50 am

So far the LEDs go on and off for my software instruments in live, mapping notes twice to the dummy midi track and the instrument tracks. Great, thank you!
Now I would like to modify the M4L LED Device to work with my iCon G-Board too, it has 8 knobs. I have no clue about Max, but I'm willing to learn. Does anybody know how to do that?

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