Full programability for each pedal in a preset.

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Full programability for each pedal in a preset.

Postby SR5 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:42 am

Expanding on goatghosts's suggestion, It would be great to have full programmability for each pedal.

I perform in a 2-4 pc ensemble. In one preset, I may need to play a few MIDI notes, change a preset in my fx rig, start/stop a loop or sequence, control some DMX lighting, etc., without doing a full time foot dance changing presets to get to each one of these functions. I can currently do this now with a Digitech PMC-10, but it lacks velocity and a standard note scale ( though it can execute sys-ex strings, which I occasionally use). A Softstep would actually do the same job if my PMC10 ever quits ( except sys-ex), but I still don't get velocity or note scale.

What I really need is a 12-Step and Softstep combined, a sort of Super 12-Step, or 12-StepV2. I like the pedal status indicator LEDS on the Soft step ( PMC10 has something similiar) so it would have to a similiar feature ( saw a suggestion in the SoftStep forum about a label display for each pedal, that would be a plus) or an"X-Step" with >12 notes, pedal on/off indicator LEDs/display, expression pedal, etc ( hint, hint)

Don't get me wrong. I think these are really cool products, and are quite affordable. I suppose that a model with all the bells and whistles could cost significantly more, but the base units could still be available to a person who doesn't need all the programmability ( e.g. keyboard player that just needs bass pedals- 12 Step, guitar player to control his rig, DJ, lighting, etc.- SoftStep)
Unfortunately, neither model currently fits my specific needs, but I am interested in seeing where these go from here. Hopefully developement continues on these products.

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