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QuNeo Preset Editor for LINUX!!

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:42 pm
by TheSupport@KMI
Hi All,

Thanks to jrussell, connerlacy, and demcanulty we now have a fully functioning build of a Linux editor for QuNeo!

UPDATED AS OF 9/26/2013:

64-bit Version: download/file.php?id=163
32-bit Version: download/file.php?id=164

The changes from the previous ALPHA version:
  • The binary is now named QuNeo-Editor rather than QuNeoEditor.
  • Editing multiple QuNeos is supported (unlike the Mac and Windows versions)
  • Firmware Updating is now working!
  • Toggle Program Change Out is now working!
  • Full feature set is available and functioning!


Please report any issues you may come across in the original thread here: Linux Thread
(it's a long thread so the link will take you to when jrussell posted the first build)

To use, unzip the zip which will give you a QuNeo-Editor directory. In this directory is QuNeoEditor - start this from within the QuNeo-Editor directory (this is a requirement!). If you create a short-cut/link for it, make sure to set up the working directory to be the QuNeo-Editor directory. This is a requirement to find the various JSON files necessary for proper operation.

You will need 2 dependancies from your distributions packaging system - asound, which should be installed already in almost any case, and Qt4, which most will also already have installed.

What is working:
  • Presets fully editable.
  • Preset Import and Export.
  • Firmware version detection.
  • Update single or all presets.
  • Audition/revert preset.
  • Swap Pad LEDS
  • Toggle Program Change In
  • Reset preset/all presets to factory
What is not working:
  • Update Firmware - looking for feedback on best permanent solution.
  • Toggle Program Change out - windows version does not work for me either!
The QuNeo Editor source is up on github as a private repository. If you'd like access to the source, just send connerlacy a message with your github account name and he'll add you as a collaborator.

The plan is to make the repo fully public in the near future, and hopefully release the QuNexus Editor code as well.

Looking forward!

Re: QuNeo Preset Editor for LINUX!!

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:56 am
by TheSupport@KMI