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QuNeo V1.2 Features Announced

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QuNeo V1.2 Features Announced

Postby Tom@KMI » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:03 pm

QuNeo 1.2 Features:
November 26, 2012

•Pad Banks - lets you have 4 banks of pad values per preset

•Pitch Bend available on Pads for X and Y axis

•Pressure and Note sources can now have Toggle behavior

•Adjustable on/off thresholds for sliders and rotaries

•MIDI In when using MIDI Expander. Improved MIDI out behavior

•Adjustable channel numbers for Remote LED control per sensor type

•Shift-click to select multiple sensors and edit them at the same time

•Individual X and Y return values

•Automatically update presets to be compatible with current version when importing older presets into new editor

•Edit panes can now have a basic, advanced, and LED tab

As always, we're interested in your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

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