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Help! X/Y CC# in presets (Reason 10, QuNeo Editor)

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Help! X/Y CC# in presets (Reason 10, QuNeo Editor)

Postby savvyjake » Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:24 pm

Hi forum! I could use a little help getting a custom preset to work - any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I'm making a custom preset for Reason 10, based on a copy of the default Reason preset - I'm including a screenshot of the preset here, but it's pretty simple (or so I thought...) I want the drum pads to each send a regular note, starting in middle C, with pressure, X and Y for every pad sending their own CC #s. That way I can use Remote Override Edit Mode to assign each pad's note, pressure and X/Y wherever I want them. I could, for example, tap the pad to play a synth note, then hold the pad down and use pressure and X/Y to control filters, delays, pitch, LFO, or whatever else I wanted to assign. I started assigning CC#s at 127 and worked down from there, since I wanted to keep some of the original Reason defaults, which are assigned from 1-38 for the vertical and horizontal faders.

The Problem: Note and pressure assignments are both working fine, exactly how it looks in the preset screenshot I attached, but the X/Y messages aren't recognized in reason. When have the QuNeo in CoMA mode, and Reason in Remote Override Edit Mode, I can assign the notes and pressures to anything I want, but I can't get the X/Y messages to do anything. I select the knob in Reason I want to control (the little lightning bolt is spinning) and press the lower left or lower right corners on the QuNeo (in CoMA Mode and Drum Mode) nothing happens.

Am I using CoMA mode wrong? Am I using Remote Override Edit Mode wrong? Am I assigning CC#s wrong? I've always had great luck using Remote Override Edit Mode to assign knobs, faders and buttons with other controllers (like an Axiom 49 and a Roland FCB 1010) but this time I'm just stumped.
Screen shot of the QuNeo Editor preset
Screen shot of the QuNeo Editor preset

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