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Store Visit Tips

Share tips and tricks about the Rep game here
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Store Visit Tips

Postby jimmy » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:15 am

in an effort to get active on the forums and to share and learn knowledge I figured I would start a thread about Visiting Music Stores. I personally view our primary reason at any in store event is to train the employees and get the employees excited about KMI products.

Make sure to mention the gain prices especially when they are getting interested.

Be respectful of the employees commission and customers
- never interject during a Sales man Customer interaction even when the sale person is wrong.
in some cases you could get the sales person alone and mention the error but don't interfere with the sale.
only get involved if the sales person invites you in to the conversation.. if the customer starts asking you
questions be sure to clarify that your not an employee of guitar center and that you are a rep. then
either support the sale or play dumb.

- when A customer walks up always stop what your doing and allow the sales person to focus on the customer
- if a customer is in the store browsing make sure to let the sales person now that you are in no rush and will
wait.. sometimes i even mildly encourage the sales person to go check on new customers in the store.
- bottom line is do not interfere with the store or sales people

- if a customer walks up during an employee demo and they are interested in the KMI Products switch focus to the customer. start over the demo.. the employees will benefit from seeing the demo again and you also have an opportunity to make a sale for KMI and for the Salesperson.

-Don't Forget to send e-mails to Store Manager at least 24 hours prior 1 week prior is best.
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Re: Store Visit Tips

Postby davecriss » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:21 pm

Hey Jimmy,

This is Excellent advice! Thank you for posting this and I'm sorry I'm only just seeing it. Keep kickin ass!
Dave Criss
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Re: Store Visit Tips

Postby mixerguy » Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:50 am

Fantastic advice. I also try to:

Give out my business cards, and educate salesfolk on our support programs. Taking pictures and checking on stock is helpful as well. I also make notes for myself and emails to HQ to keep for future reference.
Christian Heilman
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