Key Pressure Phrasing - Demo Jam Recording

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Key Pressure Phrasing - Demo Jam Recording

Postby Infrablue » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:18 pm

This demo recording is all CV to a modular synth. Uses keys to pick the note and key pressure to open up a stereo pair of analog filters (though one is just fine). Pressing the key is kind of similar to a wind player blowing air. I still have refinements on this but it's the best wind synth sounding patch I've heard or played that isn't actually using breath control... which is a real tribute to the QuNexus. This really is a fun way to play, and the QuNexus is quite unique in this capability.

I'm still working on getting settings under control for pitch, and it's worth noting all the modulation in this is tone modulation (no pitch) from key pressure and no other modulation. Kind of a busy, messy jam but fun.

8_) 8_)

And a shorter, softer one... softer tone and response...

8_) ... essure-jam 8_)

This demos slurring better using two fingers for a firm transition rather than one finger at a time just moving key to key or at a time between fingers. Next I want to try some light envelope mixed in to aid more natural wind transitions. Never before did phrasing like this without a tube in my mouth of some kind.

When I get it working better I'll do a demo vid of this kind of patch. I do also plan to input a breath controller into the expression pedal in eventually... workin' on it. I play wind synths a lot so this is a fun direction to play that kind of thing just with my fingers alone. Loving my QuNexus.

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