Outputting velocity over cv - old firmware needed

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Outputting velocity over cv - old firmware needed

Postby neurocrash » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:05 pm


I'm trying to output velocity information from a QuNexus into a Behringer Model D's cv inputs, via the keyboard as well as through MIDI to cv conversion. The Model D has MIDI, cv, and I also have KMI midi expander.

Under sequencer control, I can send velocity information translated from MIDI to CV using a QuNexus (also pressure and tilt), however the keyboard itself cannot seem to send velocity over CV no matter how it is configured in the editor.

I can send tilt as CC1 and Channel Pressure directly from the keyboard through CV outs.

As of a 2015 post, this was apparently due to a firmware bug. it is apparently still necessary to obtain an earlier firmware resolve the issue.


At this time KMI support is trying to determine which older version does not have the bug.

Does anyone know which version I should be looking for, or have the required firmware that they can share?


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