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Nine wishes....

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:56 am
by ajaym
1. Octave neutral -press both octave buttons to reset octave transposition (as others have requested)
2. Octave lock. Press and hold both octave buttons. The lights go out. Now the octave keys will not function until either of them is pressed and held for a brief time. Why? it's rather easy to hit the octave buttons while playing.
3. Octave flashing off. It's annoying. I'd settle for both lights on - neutral. One off - you've transposed in the direction of the on arrow. I've got ears to figure out how far.
4. Controller layer message option to send BEFORE the keyboard layer. Why? allows me to implement my proposed velocity smoothing algorithm more easily.
5. Per-note MIDI scaling - apart from hardware sensitivity. Why? Hardware sensitivity doesn't work on some keys - and it's generic to the Qunexus devices, not specific units. We need both.
6. Octave buttons do not transmit note events when pressed (option - because I know if you're using an arpeggiator the current behaviour is sometimes desirable)
7. Control layer active only when SHIFT pressed - why? so you can do transport control etc. from the keyboard without permanently losing notes in a patch.
8. Qunexus editor able to cope with multiple qunexii without unplugging the one you don't want to reprogram. Why? don't you want us to all go out and buy 2 or more, KMI?
9. Midi monitor in Qunexus editor. Why? its a right pain to have to exit the editor, fire up MIDI OX or whatever and verify that events are being transmitted as expected.

I submit that these changes would double the awesomeness of this device.