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KMI MIDI Expander Mk II

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:03 am
by tstk
Apologies for potentially misplacing this post. I thought to post this here since there is no separate subforum for the MIDI expander (or is there?). Feel free to move this post to the appropriate place.

The current KMI MIDI expander seems like an afterthought compared to the nextlevelness of the controllers. I would dearly love to use KMI controllers with my hardware instruments, but they only feed on MIDI. The Existing MIDI expander is a suboptimal solution, here's my request list for improvements:

* Add a MIDI thru functionality to the MIDI I/O. This would enable daisy-chaining of MIDI and result in less clutter overall. Incorporate a physical switch for setting MIDI thru on/off
* Reduce footprint and weight of the device (like your controllers!)
* Add a second USB input for using two KMI devices simultaneously (quneo + 12step or qunexus + 12step combo enabler)
* This one is maybe considered unprofessional, but include optional battery powered operation via a rechargable battery or std AA/etc batteries